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I am not trying to be a versatile or, as they say,
unconventional individual. I simply want to be happy.
For me happiness is the harmony between creativity, study,
health, work and God. If this means harmony, than it is Happiness.


North Pole

Less than a century ago there was but a handful of people who visited the North Pole. Today, there are many more of them, but still few, and that is why by saying “during my trip to the North ...

Argentine (Aconcagua)

The first 7000-meter mountain climb. There is always something happening for the first time in one’s life. The first grade, the first dollar, etc. (Besides, what is not easy to recall as ...


This is where my trekking started. At that time, I perceived myself as young and athletic man without financial or housing problems. A year before going to Elbrus I visited the Baykal. ...


They say that Cho-Oyu is translated as the goddess of turquoise. This stone is highly revered in the Tibet. There is a 8000 m mountain with the same name, too. To be precise, its height is 8201 m. ...


An event took place in autumn of 2008, which remained unnoticed by millions of Russians. The country was motionless in anticipation of the financial crisis so much spoken about by the Bolsheviks. ...


The mountain climb was not very difficult. It was difficult to bring myself to do it. It was a tough decision to make, because during the preceding five months I had been visiting all sorts of ...