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I am not trying to be a versatile or, as they say,
unconventional individual. I simply want to be happy.
For me happiness is the harmony between creativity, study,
health, work and God. If this means harmony, than it is Happiness.
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North Pole

North Pole

Less than a century ago there was but a handful of people who visited the North Pole. Today, there are many more of them, but still few, and that is why by saying “during my trip to the North Pole” you can draw the attention of people for a long time. But was this the reason I went there? I went to the North pole not to boast, but out of love for beauty, snow and winter. Out of my desire to see one of the least trodden places in the world. Out of my yearning for travel, finally. The trip became one of the most interesting trips of my life. The trip to the North Pole was successful even more than I expected, the impressions are depicted in the photos and transformed in wonderful memories that will be with me until the end of my life. I will gladly share them (both memories and photos) with those, who, like myself, are fascinated with this incredible place.

North Pole North Pole North Pole North Pole North Pole

Only 70 years ago people who visited the North Pole were greeted as national heroes, they were awarded the gold Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union. Becoming a Hero has never been a priority for me. And I have never been fascinated with the grinding ice of the North Pole. However, my friend Sasha O. had such a dream, but he did not want to go there alone. So, I decided to go with him, I don’t really know why. A month ago someone asked me: “what is the fun of going to the North Pole? It is cold and all that.” And another man said with a snide: “To boast!” He himself boasts all the time about what a great artist he is. When he is not boasting about the bandit background of the 1990-s. I believe that boasting about the North Pole is better. It was 2007. At first we flew to Oslo (Norway) and then to Spitsbergen. And from Spitsbergen we went to the ice Airfield. Borneo stands on a piece of ice. Ice in the Arctic Region is permanently on the move. Depending on where the base is moved, the helicopter drop is made. It often happens that after walking the whole day you make an overnight stop and after the overnight stop it turns out that you are in the same place where you went to sleep. The ice was moved back some 25-30 kilometers, and walking the distance again is very difficult. Although all our terms, such as “overnight,” “evening,” “morning” are irrelevant to say the least. The sun is always overhead. 24 hours a day. It was not very cold, some – 40 degrees Centigrade, and in less than a week of walking the North Pole was ours. Apart from frostbitten noses and fingers (this is photographic coverage) we had no losses. There were times when I thought I could take no more cold. And then froze a week more. We celebrated our arrival to Spitsbergen (Shvalbad in Norwegian) by bathing in the Arctic Ocean. I, personally, bathed in my winter fur cap. I believe that our film about the trip to the North Pole is the most successful.